Focus Area

The Sakar Group has global ambitions and it is already marching ahead in its bid to become a major global player.

International Outlook: 'Get Global'

International Steel Units are the target. Sakar Industries Ltd. seeks to tap the export market and spread its wings over the global arena.

Domestic Markets: 'An Eye on The Nation'

Sakar focuses on the Steel Industry, Chemical Industry and Power & Conductor Industry for its product consumptions in the India markets.

Industrial Overview: 'Future Forecast'

Steel and Power, the two basic consumers of Ferro Alloys are ceaseless industries, especially with the global infrastructure on the vertical upward graph. Also to be explored and catered to a number of rural locales in India and surrounding Asian countries that possess enormous opportunities for Sakar's product range.

And Sakar's unimpeachable and invaluable quality, unmatched creation and competitive prices have set the pace for the company's future prospects.